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meAfter nearly 4 decades in photography, and having lived through the incredible changes and advances in both the industry and the technology, I stll have the same passion for making images as I did in the 70's, when I started as a freelance assistant in a commercial studio in New Jersey.

Beautiful, well executed images thrill me, and no matter what the project, I call on all of my experience to make memorable and astonishing photos. I'm a huge believer in teamwork and collaboration, and I love working with designers, models and stylists on concepts that step over the line of everyday expectations. A great team feeds off each other's skills and ideas, everyone's creative juices start flowing, and the results can be extraordinary and unexpected.

Whether I'm working on a shoestring with a model on portfolio development, or on a full-blown client project, I bring everything I know to produce the very best images I can, and will always take the extra step to exceed expectations.